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The Warsaw Stock Exchange (WSE) is the largest stock exchange in Central and Eastern Europe and one of the most recognized financial institutions in Poland.
WSE’s stated mission is to develop competitive exchange and clearing services, support economic growth by building an investment culture and ensure high standards and safety of trading practises.
Our services cover the entire financial and commodity market activity chain, from servicing issuers to post-trade services, generating value for listed companies, recipients of information and exchange members and consequently for investors and the entire economy.
Besides operating the regulated equity and derivatives markets, WSE is  also expanding  NewConnect as an  alternative equity market for high-growth companies and Catalyst market for issuers of corporate and municipal bonds.


As of 2016, 4mobility was the first company in Poland to offer a minute car rental service via a mobile app, as early as September 2016. It is now one of the largest operators of car-sharing service in Poland.
The company offers its services in Warsaw, Poznan, Rzeszow, Siedlce, Gdansk, Gdynia, Sopot, Wroclaw and Krakow. The originator and founder of the company is Pawel Błaszcza. 4Mobility owns more than 400 cars.


Primavera Parfum is one of the largest distributors of premium branded perfumes, high-end skin care products, cosmetics and other beauty-related products in Poland. For over 25 years, it has offered customers best-in-class service through a unique distribution model. In a rapidly changing market, the company differentiates itself by offering customized category and distribution chain management for both brands and online and offline customers.

OCG Sp z o.o.

The OCG Group has been providing comprehensive services to investments by Polish entrepreneurs entering the Ukrainian market and Ukrainian entrepreneurs locating business in Poland for 10 years. They have built an international team of specialists in the fields of law, accounting and economics, providing service at the highest level.
The structure of the OCG Group allows us to provide services regardless of whether the client comes forward from Poland, Ukraine or another country. In our successes, especially in the area of business networking, it is important to emphasize the role of our trusted business partners and the many organizations that cooperate with us.


A leader in offering modern logistics services and the first company in Poland to create a network of Paczkomat® vending machines – self-service parcel sending and receiving points, open 24/7. Their innovative technology, made it possible to receive parcels more conveniently, more cheaply and with the benefit of the environment. Paczkomat® machines are the most modern network of over 17,000 machines in Poland, constituting the largest business structure of this type in Poland. InPost is not only Paczkomat® machines, but also high quality courier services.


The e-business factory (hereafter FEB) is a marketing agency that has been in business since 2008, and for 14 years has been providing services to SME as well as large-scale entities operating in domestic and foreign markets in various industries. The core of FEB’s business is online marketing. FEB is an agency that knows how to build strong brands using out-of-the-box ideas and the latest IT technologies, and how to generate additional sales for its clients.
Feb’s mission is sales, trust and people.


The company has been present on the lighting market since 2008. During this time, we have completed thousands of projects that have helped to reduce electricity consumption and increase the comfort and safety of users.
Luxon LED deals with energy-saving solutions for businesses and street infrastructure areas. Energy and renewable energy in the form of photovoltaic installations as well as energy storage are its key aspects. Luxon LED has become the fastest-growing lighting manufacturer in Europe according to the 2018 Deloitte Fast 50 and the 2019 Financial Times 1000 rankings. And in 2020, it launched more than 100,000 energy-efficient luminaires made with LED technology.

Status Starter

Satus Starter is a venture capital fund established in cooperation with PFR Ventures. The total size of the fund is PLN 50 million, and the maximum value of investment in one project is PLN 4 million. We invest in innovative companies at an early stage of development. Our competences, experience and contacts provide startups with the so-called “smart money” to significantly increase their chances of commercial success. We invest in projects in the following industries: AI & Big Data, SaaS, AR & VR, IoT, FinTech, blockchain, cybersecurity, marketplace.

Netrix Ventures

Netrix Ventures is an investment fund operating since 2017, focused on investments in early-stage projects. Currently under the management of Netrix Ventures there are 5 funds with a total capitalization of more than PLN 220 million covering the stages from pre-seed to the early growth phase, providing financing for innovative projects in such areas as telecommunications, IT, photonic, renewable energy, medical, biotechnology, and recently also related to marine technologies.

Expert Legal

The company is made up of a team of experts in many fields of law, who combine their knowledge with modern legal-tech solutions and IT security systems to streamline legal and organizational processes using the Expert Legal system. The system enables the creation of a customized document or contract, which the client can sign electronically, securely storing the documents.
In the Poland Prize program, they are looking for solutions in the field of IT tools that will improve the work of the company and clients cooperating with Expert Legal.

Spinaker Alfa Sp. z.o.o

Spinaker Alfa has been investing for almost 6 years, supporting projects, entrepreneurs and scientists at an early stage of development (R&D projects in the Proof of Principle and Proof of Concept phases).
Their aim is to finance Polish innovations by establishing new or recapitalising existing companies (startups) together with their originators. The team of experts offers valuable substantive support in increasing the value of the company.


Neotertic creates software, helping startups and entrepreneurs innovate using artificial intelligence and product development. They offer a wide range of services – creating websites, implementing artificial intelligence and product design. They also deal with EdTech software, energy software, Node.js and solution diagramming. Their scope of interest in the Poland Prize project is mainly in the area of the energy market and Smart City.

Vetos – Farma

Vetos Farma is a company that is part of the Okoniewscy Pharmaceutical Company, which has been in business for more than thirty years. Thanks to their modern and well-equipped laboratories, they conduct fast and precise research, taking care of competitive prices and the quality of their services. In the Poland Prize program, they are looking for solutions in the fields of medicine, veterinary medicine, digitization and automation of solutions.


FintechIT has been responsible for serving the online market, BigData technologies and cloud computing using various programming languages since 2017. They implement innovative solutions in business intelligence, fintech and systems that automate credit risk assessment. Taking part in the Poland Prize project, they are looking for solutions in the area of RES but also technological solutions related to digitization and intelligent systems.

Accuretta Green

Accuretta Green is an international team with years of experience in investment, green energy and intercontinental trade management and coordination, operating for more than 14 years. It has offices in Poland, the United States, India, Turkey and Saudi Arabia.
They aim to make a real impact on trade and investment relations between Central Europe and other countries and continents, implementing and coordinating projects that promote new quality products and services in distant markets, but in a vendor-safe and logistically and financially controlled manner.


PZU LAB is an innovative research and development center owned by PZU – one of the largest insurance companies in Poland. Their task is to support customers in the area of safe business management, reducing financial losses related to emergency events and outages, and building a reputation as a trusted partner in the domestic and international markets. PZU LAB SA’s team of experts and engineers is particularly focused on working with company managements, and in their activities they provide comprehensive organizational and technological solutions for risk management.

Brave Venture Capital

Brave Venture Capital’s mission is to invest in innovative and promising projects that have the potential to grow rapidly and become leaders in their market. The company offers not only capital, but also the knowledge and experience of its team, which consists of experts in various fields. Brave Venture Capital invests in companies in the technology sector: Internet, IoT & hardware, RES and Life Science, with a special focus on: MedTech and BioTech.

Miasto Rzeszów

The largest city in southeastern Poland, it is the capital of the Podkarpackie region and the seat of local government, provincial government, government institutions and the judiciary. Rzeszow is also an economic, academic, cultural and recreational center for southeastern Poland. It is a dynamically developing city with an active population of young and enterprising people. Rzeszow serves as an important center for aerospace, IT, chemical, trade, construction and service industries.


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